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Posted by Editor on Sun 30 June 2019

There is a prophecy-- "The child of the most powerful vampire and the chosen wolf will end the evilness of the vampire imprinted with the cursed ink." Already living their simple lives as mortals, Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) and Lia (Angel Locsin) are unaware that the said prophecy will haunt them. When Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez) suddenly comes to kill them and their daughter Malia (Kathryn Bernardo), who is believed to be the chosen one, Mateo and Lia do everything they can to protect Malia even if they have already lost their powers. But in the end, evil prevailed and Malia is left an orphan under the care of other vampires and werewolves.Hoping that she is indeed the chosen one to save the vampires and werewolves from great peril, they hold on to their faith in her. However, they begin to doubt Malia when she fails to show her powers after turning 21 years old – a significant change that will prove that she is the chosen one. Out of shame, Malia chooses to leave her responsibility and bravely faces the world of mortals. There, she meets Tristan (Daniel Padilla), a young man who is hunting the vampire who killed his father. As their bond grows closer, will Malia be the key to the justice Tristan yearns for? Will Malia return to the world she left behind and re-embrace her destiny to end Sandrino's life? How will the prophecy affect the budding romance between Malia and Tristan?

La Luna Sangre - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Tagalog

Status: Running

Runtime: 27 minutes

Premier: 2017-06-19

La Luna Sangre - List of La Luna Sangre characters - Netflix

This is a list of characters from the 2017 Philippine horror-fantasy drama television series La Luna Sangre.

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Lia Raymundo Ortega-Rodriguez is characterized by Angel Locsin the former “Chosen One” and Head Guardian of her pack in Imortal series, who ends the conflict between werewolves and vampires in the last war against Magnus and the Hybrids. Lia becomes a mortal woman when she and Mateo transfer their special powers and protection onto their infant daughter, Malia, who is stillborn. Her family's peaceful life in San Isidro is disrupted when Supremo discovers their whereabouts. She is killed by Supremo, along with her husband Mateo.

Mateo Rodriguez is characterized by John Lloyd Cruz the strongest vampire in Imortal series. He is the biological son of Roman and Ceres, a vampire man and a mortal woman; the first mortal child born out of such a union because vampires cannot have children. Mateo is the only child living in Roman’s vampire community. He later marries Lia Ortega and together they establish La Liga Unida. He becomes a mortal man when he and Lia transfer their powers to revive their stillborn infant daughter, Malia. His family's peaceful life in San Isidro ends when they are forced to flee from Supremo and his vampire minions. To save his family, he asks Gael to turn him into a vampire so he can fight squarely against Supremo in the battle of San Isidro. He thinks he is able to kill Supremo but it turns out to be an illusionary trick Supremo perfected since he was a child. He is eventually killed by Supremo, with Lia and an unknown young child who Lia switches with Baristo. He reprises his role from Imortal.

Theodore Montemayor is characterized by Albert Martinez, known as “Prof. T”, the headmaster of Moonchasers and a scientist. He graduated Biomedical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. His wife and daughter are killed by a vampire, and since then, vampire research becomes his life’s work. He returns to the Philippines to organize an elite force of youth vigilantes who call themselves Moonchasers. As a scientist, he develops several anti-vampire weapons, such as the silver spear made of werewolf fang, a memory blocker spray that permanently removes traumatic memory encounters with vampires, a blood treatment serum that rapidly heals wounds infected by vampires, and a serum that temporarily protects mortals against vampire bites by converting their blood into a bitter tasting poison for vampires.

Samantha Imperial is characterized by Maricar Reyes-Poon. She is the co-founder of Moonchasers and Jacintha’s tag team. She is Magnus' adopted daughter and Sandrino’s and Tristan's half-sister. Her mother is bitten by Magnus while carrying Samantha in her womb. After failing to sire a vampire child who he believed would be the destined savior of the vampire race, he decides to raise Samantha and grooms her as their chosen savior. He turns her into a vampire at 21 years. She falls in love with Mateo but he loves Lia. Samantha turns her back on her father and their evil goals, and joins Lydia and Roman's community of righteous vampires who subsist on animal blood. Samantha has a love-hate relationship with Lia but they become strong allies and mutually respect each other. She is bitten by Lucas at the last battle against Lucas and Magnus in Imortal, and commits suicide to prevent herself from turning into a hybrid. She is the only cremated vampire known. She repeatedly commits suicide because she views her immortality as a curse but resurrects each time. She cannot die because she has a specific mission to fulfill in saving humanity. She plays a significant part in her brother Sandrino’s redemption, and works in tandem with Jacintha and Prof T in fending off Supremo. Together with Prof. T, she establishes the Moonchasers for the purpose of derailing Supremo’s plans. She is extremely intelligent and calculative. She is aware of Tristan’s role in the prophecy and does everything to keep him away from Sandrino. She reconnects with Barang and learns that Sandrino is her sibling. Despite their kinship, Samantha refuses Sandrino’s offer to ally with him. Her secret alliance with Jacintha provides powerful cover for the Moonchasers and LLU members during their missions, providing distractions to keep Supremo away from Malia until she gains her powers. She is killed by her half-brother, Sandrino, after pretending to be the lady in red to protect Jacintha's identity. She dies without knowing that Tristan is also her half-brother. In the finale, Sandrino is killed by Tristan and Malia, avenging her death. She reprises her role from Imortal.

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